Tote Irish Jackpot - Betting on Horse Racing with Tote Ireland


On Irish meetings you must pick the winners of races 3, 4, 5 and 6. Perhaps one of the trickier Tote bets, however, it is also one of the most rewarding. Your Jackpot bet must placed before the "off" of race 3. Similar when betting on horse racing with the Placepot bet, the Jackpot dividend is reflective of the number of favourites that win each race. Ideally, the less favourites that win the bigger your dividend will be.


Calculating the cost of your Jackpot bet is straightforward. Multiply the number of horses you pick in each race by one another. This will give you the number of units you have. Then multiply this figure by your selected stake.
The minimum stake on a single line Jackpot (i.e. a Jackpot where you have only selected one runner per race) is €1. The minimum stake for Permutation Jackpots (i.e. a Jackpot where you have selected various amount of runners) is €1, rising thereafter in multiples of €1. The maximum unit stake is €25.  Jackpot dividends are declared to a €1 stake.

Jackpot Rules:

In the instance when there is no winner of the Jackpot, the total pool is rolled over to the next selected race meeting.

The Super Jackpot takes place on Sundays only.  If the Super Jackpot is not won then it is rolled over to the following Sunday's Super Jackpot.  Any Jackpot rollover from Saturday will be included in the Super Jackpot the following day.

Non- Runners and withdrawn horses are transferred to the SP Favourite or in the case of joint favourites the runner with the lowest race card number.

Please note that in instances where all legs of a Jackpot are not run (due to cancellation) and the pool(s) are guaranteed for a specific amount and the guarantee is not reached the pool and winning dividends will be calculated on the actual amount on the day (including any rollover to the pool if it is applicable).

There are regular Jackpot Guarantees and Rollovers making betting on horse racing with the Jackpot an exciting, more lucrative bet to play.