Win Bet - Betting on Horse Racing with Tote Ireland

Tote Win Aim:

The easiest bet to play, simply pick the horse that you think will win the race.

Why Play Tote Win:

Tote Win offers great value compared to the bookmakers SP (starting price). In the past three years you would be 12% better off playing Tote Win rather than taking the bookies SP.   

How to play:

Select your horse, select your stake and cheer them home. 


The minimum stake for a Tote Win bet is €1. The maximum stake is €1,000. Tote Win dividends are declared to a €1 stake. 


Tote pool dividends are displayed as decimals. Whilst it may differ from traditional fractional odds, decimal odds mean that your stake is included in your return. This makes it easier to calculate your winnings! 

If you play a €20 (stake) Tote Win bet and the horse wins paying a Tote dividend of €5.00, you will multiply the dividend by your stake, ie. €20 x €5.00 = €100.

Win Betting Rules

Dead Heats

If two horses dead heat for first, the win pool is divided in half. The dividends are then calculated by dividing each half by the number of units on the dead heating horses. 

Withdrawn Horses

If you horse has been withdrawn under starters orders before the "off" of the race and the Tote has received such information your bet is void and shall be refunded to you.