• Tote Account Betting

    • How do I sign up for a Tote Account?

      • Registering for a Tote Account is quick and easy! Simply click on the Register button on the top right corner of the screen and you will be brought to the registration process.

        Page 1 – Personal Information
        Fill in your personal information on this page. We ask you to provide your date of birth here to confirm you are over 18 years of age, and your Mother’s maiden name which is a standard security question. Please provide a four digit PIN here also, which is required for logging in to place bets. We will send all your new Tote Account details to the email address you provide here, so please ensure it is correct.

        You also have the opportunity on this page to sign up for Tote news and offers by selecting to opt in for email, text or postal news. By selecting these, you become eligible for free tickets, tips, newsletters and more handy, rewarding information and offers. Finally, you must tick to accept Tote’s terms and conditions before proceeding.

        Page 2 – Funds
        Now you will see your new Tote Account number (which is also emailed to the address you provided). If you wish to start betting, you can deposit money to your Tote Account here now. You can use a Laser or Visa to deposit funds. Please note that thetote.com is a secure site. Once you make a deposit, you are ready to start betting!
    • What happens if I forget my Tote Account number or PIN number?

      • You can call our customer services team on 045 491830 or send an email to info@thetote.com to retrieve your details. A member of our team will ask a few security questions, for the protection of your account, before providing you with your required information.

        To retrieve your PIN, you can also simply click on the Forgot Your PIN button on thetote.com under the Sign In button. You will be prompted to enter your Tote Account number and we will then email you the PIN number.

    • Can I change my PIN number?

      • If you wish to change your PIN please get in touch through our Contact Centre by letter at Tote Ireland, Ballymany, The Curragh, Co. Kildare or by email at info@thetote.com. Remember to provide your Tote Account number, name and contact number, along with your old and new PIN.
    • Why can’t I log in?

      • If you are unable to log in, it may be due to a couple of simple reasons:
        1. Make sure you are using the correct URL www.thetote.com and not a older version of the site.
        2. You may have entered the zero's in front of your account number. Simply enter the 5 digit account number excluding the zero's.
        3. You may have locked your Tote Account by entering the wrong account number/PIN combination too many times.

        If you experience either of these problems, call us on  045 491 830045 491 83045 491 830 and our customer services team will help you.

    • When I try to sign in, I am told I have an invalid Tote Account/PIN number combination.

      • If this happens to you, please try one of the following, or alternatively contact us at 045 491830 where our customer services team will be glad to help.

        (i) If you have an existing Tote Account which you have used to bet on track or over the phone, you will need to activate the account to commence online betting on thetote.com. When you enter your Tote Account number and PIN, you will be prompted to provide us with an email address and to tick the Terms and Conditions box. Then press the Activate Now button and you will be able to bet away online;

        Note: Once you have activated the account online, you will no longer receive statements in the post. Instead you can view your statement online at any time by clicking the Statement button in the My Account section.

        (ii) If you have a 0 at the start of your PIN, try dropping it, for example, instead of 0123, enter 123.

    • How can I update my postal address or email address?

      • To change these details, you must write to us by post at Tote Ireland, Ballymany, The Curragh, Co. Kildare or by email at info@thetote.com stating your Tote Account number, name, contact number and both your old and new address.
    • Is www.thetote.com a secure website?

      • Thetote.com recognises that online security is an area of vital importance for our clients. Thetote.com uses a 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, which is certified by Digicert. This means that all personal and financial information sent to and from our site is encrypted to the highest industry standard.
    • Can I cancel a bet?

      • Once you have placed your bet successfully on thetote.com you cannot cancel it. The bet slip will turn green with the message "1 Bet Placed - Receipt" when your bet has been placed successfully.

    • I am trying to place a bet, but it says I have ‘insufficient funds’ which is not the case.

      • This happens when your browser is storing old balances. To rectify this problem follow these easy steps:

        (i) Internet Explorer users – Click on the Tools tab at the top of your screen > Internet Options > Browsing History > Delete All

        (ii) Mozilla Firefox users – Click on the Tools tab at the top of your screen > Clear Private Data > Select Cookies > Clear Private Data Now.
    • Can I access my betting history?

      • Yes! Simply click the Statement button in the My Account section to view your bets and account activity. Your most recent bet/activity will show first, and you can see your current balance.

        You can also search by date if you want to view particular transactions. If you wish to keep a copy of the statement, you can click the PDF Download button on the right hand side, from which you can print or save the statement.
  • Deposit Withdrawals

    • How can I deposit money to my Tote Account?

      • There are three ways to deposit money to your Tote Account; cash, cheque or payment card.

        To pay with cash or cheque simply send it to Tote Ireland, Ballymany, The Curragh, Co. Kildare. Please make sure to include a note of your Tote Account number, name and a contact number. Cheques should be made payable to Tote Ireland. Please allow five working days for processing the cheque lodgement to your Tote Account. Please note, we do not recommend that you send cash in the post, but if you choose to do so, we advise you register the envelope to ensure the cash reaches us safely. You can also deposit cash into your Tote Account at the races, by simply handing the cash and your Tote Account card to any Tote teller.

        To deposit money with a payment card you can call us at 045 491830 and simply call out your selected card details to a member of our Tote staff in the Contact Centre.

        Log in as normal to your Tote Account and then follow these simple steps:
        1. Scroll over your username in the top right corner and click on My Account.
        2. Click on the Deposit Now button.
        3. If it is the first time to make a deposit, you will need to fill in your selected payment card details.
        (i) Enter the deposit amount
        (ii) Choose a memorable name or ‘nickname’ for the card.
        (iii) Select the type of card from the drop down list.
        (iv) Fill in the card number, name on card, expiry date and CVV number in the relevant boxes.
        (v) Hit the Deposit Now button once.
        4. Your card details will be saved for you on your Tote Account, so if you wish to make another deposit at any time, the card details will show up automatically for you. You will, however, need your CVV number from the card to make the deposit.
        5. Once the deposit has been accepted, you can start betting!

        Methods of Depositing to your Tote Account

        Deposit Methods - Minimum Deposit - Maximum Deposit
        Mastercard - €5.00 - Service Card Dependant
        Visa - €5.00 - Service Card Dependant
        Laser - €5.00 - Service Card Dependant
        Cheque/Postal Order - €5.00 - No Limit
        Cash - €5.00 - No Limit

    • How can I withdraw money from my Tote Account?

      • There are four ways to withdraw money from your Tote Account; to a payment card, through electronic fund transfer to your bank account, a cheque request or cash withdrawal on track.

        1. To withdraw to a payment card you can call us on 1850 238 669 / 045 491 830 and make your request, or you can login to your Tote Account online and follow these steps:
        (i) Go into My Account and click on the Withdraw funds button.
        (ii) You must select the payment card that is registered on your account as the card the money will be transferred to.
        (iii) Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and hit the Withdraw Now button.
        (iv) The funds will appear back on the card within 2 to 5 working days, depending on your bank.

        2. To withdraw to a different payment card than that one registered on your account, or to request an electronic funds transfer or cheque, you must call 1850 238 669 / 045 491 830 and speak to a staff member in our call centre.

        3. If you are at the races, you can use your Tote Account card to make a cash withdrawal. Simply use a self-vend/Touch Tote machine to access your account, where you can select a withdrawal. You will be given a voucher from the machine, which you can then cash at any Tote teller.
    • Why is my bank card being rejected, when I have funds available?

      • There may be a few reasons why your bank card is being rejected:

        1. The Tote does not accept your card type.

        2. The card type that you selected in the dropdown menu does not match your card.

        3. You have entered an invalid card number.

        4. In some cases, your bank may be automatically blocking your card from registering for security reasons. A quick phone call to your bank will allow you to verify and complete your transaction.

        5. Please note that Tote Ireland cannot accept U.S. bank cards for legal reasons.
        Note: Tote Ireland will accept no liability for any credit card charges that you may incur from your credit card provider.
    • How can I change the payment card I have registered on my Tote Account?

      • A quick, simple phone call to our call centre will sort this one for you. Call us on 045 491830 and our staff can change your existing card. You can have more than one card registered on your account, and the staff will also be able to look after that for you. To process this, you will be required to answer a few security questions which is to protect your account and funds.
    • Why does a withdrawal back to my card or bank account take a few days, whereas deposits are taken instantly?

      • Tote Ireland process your withdrawal request immediately, however your bank can take between two and five working days to credit the funds back into your account or card. This is standard practice for most banks. If we cannot return funds to your card, it will not appear as a valid option.

        Please note that due to bank regulations the following withdrawal restrictions apply:
        1. Visa cards: There is a maximum withdrawal limit of €500, so requests for larger amounts must be split into several transactions.

  • Track Cash Betting

    • How do I place a bet with the Tote at the races?

      • Betting with the Tote is easy!

        No matter where you are at the races, you’ll find a Tote betting facility nearby. When you know what you want to bet on, simply tell the Tote operator the following information:

        • The race meeting;
        • The race number;
        • The type of bet you want;
        • The amount you want to bet; and
        • The number of the horse(s) you are betting on.

        For example: ‘I would like a €10 Win bet on race number 2 at Leopardstown on horse number 7 please.’

        The operator will then give you a ticket with your bet on it, which you must keep safe to claim any winnings afterwards. Click here to view a helpful clip on how to place a bet with the Tote.

    • Where do I bet with the Tote at the races?

      • The Tote have prime locations all over the racecourse to enable racegoers to bet, so you are never too far from getting your bet on. There are several Tote betting counters, self-vend/Touch Tote terminals, as well as hand held operators in place to take your bets.
    • Can I use my Tote Account at the races?

      • Yes you can bet easily with your Tote Account when you are on track. You can hand your account card to any Tote teller and call out your bets which will be done on your account, or you can use the self-vend/Touch Tote terminals where you simply swipe your card to access your account.
    • Why would I use my Tote Account instead of cash at the races?

      • There are many benefits to using a Tote Account on course instead of cash including the following:

        You can avail of the Tote Price Promise, which guarantees you get the best price for your bets.
        1. There is no need to carry cash, which is safer and more convenient.
        2. You can skip the cash queues by using the self-vend/Touch Tote terminals, and you can also phone in your bets on 045 491830

        3. As a Tote Account member, you get rewarded for your custom with things like free tickets for race meetings throughout the year.

    • What happens if I lose my Tote account card at the races – Can someone use it?

      • If you lose your Tote Account card, don’t worry as you will always need your PIN to place bets or withdraw funds.

        You can call 045 491830 to order a replacement card to be sent out to you also.

    • What can I do if I forget to claim my winnings on a bet?

      • A Tote winning ticket can be cashed at ANY Irish meeting at a later stage when you present your ticket to a Tote teller.

        If you are not on track you can also post the ticket to to our Late Pay Department, Tote Ireland, Ballymany, The Curragh, Co.
        Kildare and they will issue you with a cheque for your winnings. please include the following details:

        Full name
        Contact number

  • Tote Betting Vouchers

    • How can I buy Tote betting vouchers?

      • Tote betting vouchers can be pre-purchased by simply emailing vouchers@thetote.com or calling 045 491830. You will need to tell us the quantity you want and the name and address of where they have to be sent. You can pay by cash, cheque or with a payment card.

        If you are at the races and wish to use a Tote betting voucher to place your bets throughout the day instead of cash, simply approach any Tote teller who can print the vouchers there and then for you.
    • Where can I use Tote betting vouchers?

      • Tote betting vouchers can be used on all Irish racecourses, with the exception of Dundalk, Down Royal and Downpatrick. You can hand them to any Tote teller instead of cash, or use them on the self-vend/touch Tote terminals.
    • How long are the vouchers valid for?

      • The Tote vouchers can be used for up to a year after the day they were printed.
  • Contact Us

    • How do I contact Tote Ireland?

      • Main Switchboard: + 353 45 491830

        Main Fax: +353 (0)45 455456

        Email: info@thetote.com

        If you wish to contact Tote Account please use the following numbers:

        Our office is staffed each day from 9.30am (GMT) to the off of the last race. To speak to a member of staff regarding a general inquiry please call: + 353 45 491830

        To Place a Bet or to Open an Account

        From the Republic of Ireland - phone our Contact Centre on LowCall +353 (0)45 491830

        From the UK - to place a bet through our Contact Centre: + 353 45 491830

        From Rest of World - to place a bet through our Contact Centre: +353 (0) 45 491830

  • Price Promise

    • Why is the Tote changing the Price Promise?

      • Due to the introduction of the Tote Rewards programme we have made some changes to the conditions of the Tote Price Promise. It has now been made part of the benefits package for Platinum and Gold Tote Rewards members along with their monthly reward and other weekly betting promotions.  We are confident that the Tote Rewards programme will provide Tote customers with a better overall offering long-term. 

    • What category of Tote customers are impacted by this change?

      • This change will only impact Silver members and those that have yet to meet any Tote Rewards point threshold. Platinum and Gold members will continue to receive the Price Promise as previously.
    • Will the Price Promise be replaced by any other promotions for regular users?

      • The Tote Rewards programme offers all levels of customers weekly betting promotions as well as a monthly rewards based on their Rewards level. Customers will also enjoy various special promotions from Tote through-out the year.
    • How do I claim the Price Promise under the new arrangement?

      • Platinum & Gold Members

        As a (Platinum / Gold) member of Tote rewards there will be no change to how you currently receive the Price Promise. 

        If Silver or non-category:

        To receive the Price Promise you need to be either a Platinum or Gold member of Tote Rewards.  
    • How do I become eligible for this offer?

      • As a (Platinum / Gold) Tote Rewards member you are already entitled to the Price Promise and there will be no change to how you currently receive it. 

        If Silver or non-category:

        To receive the Price Promise you need to be either a Platinum or Gold member of Tote Rewards. (See Below on becoming a Platinum or Gold Rewards Member)
    • How do I become a Platinium / Gold Tote member?

      • In order to become a Platinum / Gold member you have to start by registering for the Rewards program. You start earning points straight away and once you hit 10,000 points you are a silver member. The next step is to hit 50,000 points to become a gold member. We regularly run promotions offering double rewards points on certain bet types which can make accumulating points easy.

  • Mobile Betting

    • How to bet with the Tote Mobile App

      • Betting with the thetote.com mobile App couldn't be easier. You can bet on all Irish, UK and international racing.

        To get started go to m.thetote.com or find Tote Ireland on the Apple app store.
    • How to Top Up your account

      • Simply sign in to your thetote.com account online and click 'Deposit'.

        If you have not already registered a laser/credit card you can do so now and specify how much you would like to top up by. You can also top up your account by dialing the Contact Centre on 045 491 830. Our staff will be able to top up your account for you over the phone.

    • Account Pin Number

      • Each member of thetote.com will receive an account number and PIN number when registering.

        Example:     Account number: 87259
                             Pin No. 1999

        The 4 digit pin number is chosen by the customer and is simply used as a security feature when accessing accounts both online and through the call centre.

        If a customer forgets their pin number, they can call the Contact Centre on 045 491 830045 491 830045 491 830 045 491 830045 491 830045 491 830or email info@thetote.com

    • Security Details

      • When registering for a Tote Account, you will be asked to provide a number of security details. In the case of a lost card or a customer forgets their pin number the staff at the Contact Centre will be able to verify the client's account by relaying these questions to them.

        Call the Contact Centre

        Phone: + 353 45 491830+ 353 45 491830

        UK: Freephone 0800 904 77840800 904 7784

        International: +353 45 491830+353 45 491830

        Email: info@thetote.com

    • How do I use Tote on my Mobile

      • To start betting with Tote on your mobile;

        1. Go to m.thetote.com on your mobile or;
        2. To download the iPhone app click here!

  • Punchestown 2017 Dubai Competition Terms

    • Punchestown 2017 Dubai Competition Terms

        1. Only one prize (in total) will be available ie: If there is a winner on Tuesday April 25th then the promotion will not run for the remainder of the week
        2. To win the prize you must be the sole winner (to a minimum €1 stake) of the Tote Jackpot on any day of the Punchestown Festival 2017 and you must have placed a CASH bet at Punchestown racecourse
        3. Winner must be over the age of 18
        4. Where any element of the Prize is not taken, it will be forfeited by the winner and no compensation will be given.  
        5. The winner is responsible for all additional costs (including travel insurance, checked baggage and other travel related costs). 
        6. The Prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be given. If any element of the Prize is unavailable, an alternative of equal value will be provided, but extra costs beyond the value above will be the responsibility of the winner. 
        7. The Prize is subject to availability and excludes all liability with respect to provision of the Prize (to the maximum extent permitted by law)
        8. Winner must make themselves available for promotional photographs etc.

  • Hong Kong Racing Rules

    • Hong Kong Racing Rules

      • Tote offer betting and live race streaming on Hong Kong racing.

        We currently offer Win, Show and Trifecta pools.


        1st in a race
        Minimum Bet - €2

        1st, 2nd or 3rd in a race, or 1st or 2nd in a race of 4 to 6 declared starters
        Minimum Bet - €2


        1st , 2nd and 3rd in correct order in a race
        Minimum Bet - €0.50

        There is no minimum dividend payout on Hong Kong Pools

        Click Here to find out more about Hong Kong Bet Types.

        Live Streaming

        Live streaming is available on Hong Kong racing when you place a bet.